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Why Blog?

Why Blog?

Alas, I'm a blogger now.

So, there's undoubtedly a "blogger" stereotype: the crunchy, granola, coffee shop-going, knit sweater-wearing, nerdy writer. When I told my friends I was starting a travel/adventure blog, they laughed and kinda made fun of me--and rightfully so! I don't really fit that aesthetic. BUT, I do want to start blogging and working on web design for a few reasons:

1) There are 3 parts to a trip/adventure. First, anticipation and planning. I LOVE this phase. I stalk geotags on instagram, pin a million pictures on pinterest, etc. I've always been like this, especially before Disney World trips when I was little. Just writing that makes my heart flutter, hehe ;) Second, the trip itself--obviously amazing. Third, the years of reflection reflection. Blogging extends the third stage infinitely. You can relive the whole thing through pictures, videos, and words. Why spend the money if you forget half of it? That leads me to....

2) Humans forget so much! Do you ever hear a song or smell something and transport back in time for a few seconds? Well, I do and it freaks me! How did I forget that?! Some memories are worth memorizing. When I travel and go on adventures, there are those little things I want to remember. Like the questionably high, Jesus-loving waitress I talked to in Rome who moved from Louisiana and taught herself Italian. Or the amazing Tapas restaurant on said street in San Juan (see, I don't remember what street because I didn't write it down!) Blogging helps me remember.

3) I am a millennial. We share things. Maybe too much sometimes, true. But, I'm undoubtedly part of a connected generation and don't think it's a negative thing. Social Media provides amazing platforms, but having my own website gives me more flexibility and allows me to be creative and artsy. I want to share my experiences, tips, pictures, writing, and more with friends, family, and anyone else who's interested.

How I started my blog (& am starting)

I am still a total blog noob. About a year ago I made a wordpress account called "where is claire" (corny, I know) and shared some really poor quality pictures and summaries of a few trips. I'm in the process of revamping everything: starting a new Instagram, getting Reddit karma, learning how to edit in Lightroom, and more. I love always having a project to work on and pour my passion into.

I chose the name The Adventure Decade because: (1) 'Where is Claire' is kinda immature and silly. Obviously I liked it, but I like the new name better. (2) My boyfriend, Drew, is also into the whole travel scene and has been SO supportive of making the blog happen. I plan on doing most of my travel with him if he keeps me around, so it can't just be about me! We'll also share his travels. (3) There are so many travel bloggers out there. It's quite intimating and almost discouraging. BUT, you have to ask yourself: "what is your competitive advantage?" And I would say it is my age (just turned 21). I'm about 6-10 years younger than the average travel blogger and don't have some story about quitting my corporate job. Just a kid starting her 20s with no regrets or lost years, ready to get after seeing the world. I'm trying to make this decade the most amazing, eventful, fun ten years possible. (4) So its mostly 'travel' but I also want to include day trips and other smaller activities. 'Adventure' encompasses it all. AND there you have it! Claire and Drew the Travel and Adventure Bloggers with the name The Adventure Decade.

My goals for my blog right now are to record the trips I have gone on so far for the reasons above, share tips and highlights with you, get good at editing pictures, and learn more about the whole blogging scene. People that do travel blogging full time monetize their websites and get all sorts of sponsorships and free hotel stays. Literally the dream! However, I have the next 6ish years of my life planned out (maybe will explain later) so this is my "side hustle" for now ;)

Thanks so much for reading! Can't wait to share this decade of adventure with you.


My Spiritual Bucketlist

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