Welcome to The Adventure Decade

Hiya! Thanks for stopping in! My name is Claire and I'm a 23 year old New England native turned Army Officer living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After growing up in a small town, I now can't get enough of seeing the world, meeting different people, and experiencing new cultures. And lucky me, I've fallen in love with a guy who loves traveling equally as much, Drew.

Travel has made me more compassionate, grateful, inspired, empathetic, aware, knowledgeable, cultured, and alive. Although I never plan to stop traveling, I caught this persistent case of wanderlust at the start of my 20s and want to use this decade to gain life perspective and absorb as much I can of what this beautiful planet has to offer.

Why blog? Well, I love recording the places I go, writing, taking pictures, and editing in Lightroom. Starting a blog was the easiest way to combine all these pieces. Not to mention, I'm blown away how much we as humans forget. When I blog right after a trip or adventure, I can save all the details and then relive the whole experience later. Better yet, I can share my experiences and recommendations with family, friends, and anyone else interested.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places and live life to the fullest. Please feel free to leave a comment on any post, subscribe to get email when I publish a blog post, or follow me on social media for the day-to-day updates. Thanks for joining me on this decade of adventure!