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a new way of travel planning

Let's face it. In 2018, there is simply no need to pay hundreds of dollars for a travel agent anymore. With some WiFi and a basic idea, you can plan your next vacation in the comfort of your home. However, to make it the BEST and most efficient trip it could be with your precious time off, it takes hours of research, planning, and "piecing it together." For example, how do I budget while traveling? (tips here) or What can I do on layovers? What are the shortcuts and secrets? The information is out there, but it's not all consolidated. There are so many platforms (blogs, YouTube, Reddit, articles, etc.) it can seem overwhelming! 

The way I see it, our "millennial generation" as a whole is in a transitional period when it comes to travel planning. We want to take ownership and plan our adventures perfectly (but we don't always want to take all the time to research) and we definitely don't want an outdated travel agent. This leaves us with a gap I hope to fill! In short: "I want to have a big hand in my planning and know generally what I want, but don't want to or know how to do it all and want more info."

I am so excited to work WITH you and provide a personal, unique travel planning service! I want to be your "information consolidator" and provide tips from my experiences and other platforms I read - because I just like doing it! For now, this service is for FREE! All I ask for is a review of the experience :D

After filling out the simple form below to get an initial feel for what you want, I will get back to you via email ASAP and have a conversation with you to personalize your vacation over the phone or Facetime to make your vacation the best it can be!

The bottom line is: I love travelling and want to share it with you. Let's plan a trip together!

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